1st of January

Chatham Snow

Christmas in Chatham mostly looked like this photograph i took of a snowy field. I’ve never experienced snow like it.

May i take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful 2009.  Take your opportunities, listen for the still, small voice of the creator and live your life in the knowledge that earthly things will pass away.

By this time next year i’d like to:

a) learn to work a bar and pull a decent pint.

b) play the guitar a lot more.

c) the obvious, be fitter and tighten up the belly.


~ by sarkydave on December 31, 2008.

3 Responses to “1st of January”

  1. Thats a lot of tightenin 😉

  2. Dave you’ve capture the flat terrain in a lovely way. Welcome to the snow, which doesn’t last long… but have you seen the RIVER!?

  3. Imagine what the world would be like if we all followed through on our New Year’s resolutions… I think it would be boring, we’d all be super-healthy athletes (in your case, super-healthy guitar playing pint pulling athlete) and Cadbury’s would be out of business! Seriously though, ditto what you said. I look forward to seeing your 2009. Make it a good one!


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