4th of January

Some of you will know our third bedroom, commonly known as my David Healy shrine. Well, much to my wife’s frustration, before i unpacked my suitcase today, i removed the single bed and turned the room into a study/music room by inserting my small retro sofa from the garage and a bookcase. Do you like it?

music room


~ by sarkydave on January 4, 2009.

8 Responses to “4th of January”

  1. this will look drastically different in a matter of days when i get over my rage!!!!

  2. quality sofa…and nice pictures of King David…well decorated Mr Wiggins!

  3. I love this sofa…i want this sofa!

  4. is this where i’ll sleep when i come to visit? maybe i’ll stay over with iris & andrew. your mom makes a lethal cup of tea.

  5. which shelf fell down??

  6. theres no way you read all them there book wiggy

  7. Molly, yeah you can stay with ma, Estelle, it’s not in this picture and Scotty, they’re just for show but i think i read half of one of them and 3 chapters of another.

  8. I gave a wonderful copy of that same photo to my Dad, what a wonderful moment.

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