5th of January

We went to Ikea (Swedish for cheap crap) tonight to get a few things for our new room. As if the place is not hard enough, there was a security alert and everyone, including the staff were evacuated. As we waited in the car park, all the staff gathered in the fire point. There are a lot of staff working in Ikea and lots of yellow t-shirts.


Oh yeah, i got told off for taking the photograph on my phone and the guy stood there while i “erased it”.


~ by sarkydave on January 5, 2009.

3 Responses to “5th of January”

  1. Hope your better with flatpacks than I am David!

  2. what a douche! was it that guy right in the middle looking directly at you taking a picture? i can just imagine him walking over straight away.

  3. that rather tall guy looks like he could knock your melt in

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