10th of January

It’s my good mate, the Portadown Dave Wylie’s 30th birthday party tonight. I’ve put on a tie especially for the occassion and i think the resturant might be a bit posh. I’m at the stage of year when i’m caught in two minds between shaving or growing a big bushy beard. It’s nice and soft.



~ by sarkydave on January 10, 2009.

3 Responses to “10th of January”

  1. hey i think dave wylie let me & my friend crystal sleep at his house once….and his car was stolen in the night? is that true or am i delusional? i think it’s true. i thought you were wearing an ascot for a moment. that would be very mod.

  2. mate, the tie and the beard looked excellent!

  3. hey molly, you did indeed crash at my place. it was my mate’s car that was stolen not mine…thankfully!

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