22nd of January

i must get the hair cut soon …






~ by sarkydave on January 21, 2009.

5 Responses to “22nd of January”

  1. aww the mountain man beard was cool! the mustache in the middle was a little creepy.

  2. the moustache is a little inpsector clouseau, non?! looking good chief.

  3. The first picture makes you look like some sort of Biblical Character but in a concerning sort of way i think im buying into it. Incidentally good to see your spending your time productively – ye lay-about ye 🙂

  4. grow the hair a bit more and you could style it with a curly quiff!!

  5. Too much of a close up for me Dave, a bit scary. But look at the weight loss between 1 and 2 – was it the same day!

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