What’s The Project?

My name is Dave Wiggins and i live in Lurgan in Northern Ireland. To give me a project for 2009 i’m going to try and take an interesting photograph every day for a year. I tried this for a month last year and it didn’t really last all month so we’ll see how i get on.

For some of my other work, check out http://www.davewiggins.co.uk


9 Responses to “What’s The Project?”

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun Dave, I’m looking forward to seeing some of your snaps.

  2. Thanks Jonny, we’ll see how long i last.

  3. Good luck Wiggy. Gutted that your other one is taking a step back. I enjoyed reading your thoughts. Will enjoy looking at your pics though

  4. Dave – it will be good to see some of your stuff! I have missed that!

  5. PS I love the bicycle header!!

  6. Dave, I will pose nude for you each day if you wish?

  7. Missing your last blog lad as it was always refreshin… Looking forward to seeing this one grow – Happy new year!!!

  8. you’d better do it! i’m gonna make this my homepage so if i log on one day & it’s the same picture as the day before i’m coming to kill you. is that motivation enough?

  9. dave aka wiggy… tis connor your goofy ginger neighbour, heard you were back over for awhile in knockmena park but i was really busy so never got to see you…. hows the married life and your life in london? keep in touch, connor

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